Please read this FAQ and Help page before contacting us. Most of your questions may have already been answered here or described on the Help page. Thank you.


Q. Do you have a physical store I can visit?
A. No, we do not. We only cater for deliveries.

Q. Are all of your collections genuine/original?
A. Yes. Most of our collections are genuine unless specifically described otherwise. Some of the vintage collectibles may be bootleg or knock-off and if there is any, it will be stated explicitly on the description.

Q. Can you guarantee that the items shipped would arrive safely?
A. We can not guarantee the safety of items being delivered by the shipping agent since it is beyond our control. We do however guarantee that all items are packed in the safest manner to minimize any impact or water spills during shipment.

Q. Do you accept international orders?
A. Yes we do. We accept Paypal and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP) for payments. We have shipped to Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, USA, and can ship to other countries as well. Please note international shipping is costly.

Q. What are the shipping options?
A. For domestic shipments we ship via Pos Indonesia, JNE,  TIKI and Wahana. For international we use expedited shipping via EMS International. Each shipment is provided with tracking number which can be traced and monitored.

Q. Do you accept cash on delivery (COD)?
A. No, we do not accept cash on deliveries.

Q. Do you offer free shipping?
A. Currently no. We do however offer domestic shipping upgrade, for a minimum purchase of IDR 300K you will get free upgrade from regular to overnight shipping service. Terms and conditions apply.

Q. Do you offer money-back guarantee?
A. Yes for domestic orders, buyers may return their items within 7 days for full refund (excluding shipping costs). All we ask is that the items must be in the same condition as they were received. This means new/sealed items must only be returned unopened. For more details please read our Return Policy on Help page.

Q. Can I sell or sell back my used toys to you?
A. No, we do not buy back used toys unless you agree to undergo with our extensive toy valuation first.

Q. How to use the Currency Converter?
A. Our Currency Converter uses real time exchange rates. To convert into other currency:
  1. First enter the Rupiah amount in the left input box. 
  2. Select the desired currency from the "To:" pulldown menu. The default is American Dollar.
  3. The result will be displayed on the right.
Q. Do you have a Reseller or Affiliate Program?
A. Currently no.


Q. What kind of PC Games do you sell?
A. We sell digital products / game codes of PC Games that you can activate, download and play on either Steam, Origin, or Uplay.

Q. Are all of your PC Games genuine/original?
A. Yes. All of our game codes are genuine, brand new & unused from authorized distributors.

Q. What is Region Type?
A. A regional restriction to which the game can be activated/played. Most of our games are restricted to South East Asia and Asian countries. There are unrestricted games / Global region, which means the game can be activated anywhere.

Q. What is DRM Type?
A. DRM vendor that provides the platform to download and play games, e.g. Steam, Origin, Uplay. DRM Type is the type of activation method provided by particular vendor, mostly in form of game codes.

Q. What is the difference between Steam Gift & Steam Key?
A. Steam Gift differs only in its activation method, where you will receive a link instead of game code/key to activate the game on your Steam account. Steam Gift also has the option to store the game in your account's inventory for later purposes.

Q. How do I receive my games?
A. Upon order completion, game codes will be delivered to your email address, in which you will also find the instructions for activating and downloading your games.

Q. Do you offer money-back guarantee for digital products?
A. Yes under certain conditions. Guarantee does not apply to region lock. So please read carefully the regional restrictions on each product.


Q. What’s the difference between “loose” and “opened” items?
A. We generally use the term loose to describe items which come without packaging. An opened item indicates it was opened but still retain its box or blister.

Q. Have the loose and opened items been played with?
A. No, as a retailer we do not play with the items we sell. However, since loose and opened items come from collectors, it's possible the items might've been played with. In that regard, we check each loose or opened item and grade according to its condition, grade A being new/mint, B may be used but still like new, and so on. Please read Item Grade Guide on Help page.

Q. What are the differences between MSIA, GFF, HCM Pro sub-lines in the Gundam Complete Model category?
  • MS in Action (MSIA) action figures are mostly made of soft, durable plastic, which is good for play. 
  • Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) are mobile suits based on Katoki Hajime designs, featuring larger scale than MSIA and with much more details. They're usually only suitable for posing & display. 
  • High Complete Model Progressive (HCM Pro) are basically scaled down Gundam Plamo, which came already assembled. Some parts do still require assembly.

Q. What's the difference between each class in the Transformers product line?
A. Transformers classes generally differ in size and complexity of transformation. The classes from smallest to largest are:
  • Legends / Legion
  • Commander
  • Scout / Basic 
  • Deluxe
  • Voyager / Mega 
  • Ultra
  • Leader 
  • Supreme 
  • Ultimate
There are other classes as well which are specifically aimed for younger children.

Q. Can you provide a scale comparison between Transformers classes?
A. Yes, please take a look at the comparison chart below (click to enlarge).

Classes from left to right: Legends, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader
Q. What is the measurement of each Gundam scale?

A. The followings are approximate measurement of scales used in Gundam products:
  • 1/200 : approx. 8 - 10 cm
  • 1/144 : approx. 13 cm
  • 1/100 : approx. 18 cm
  • 1/60 : approx. 30 cm
  • 1/48 : approx. 55 cm
Other notable measurements for non-scale Gundam products:
  • Super Deformed : approx. 8 cm
  • MS In Action : approx. 13 cm
*) Some models may vary in size, either larger or smaller. The above measurements are provided for general reference only.

Q. Can you provide a scale comparison between Gundam scales?
A. Yes, please take a look at the comparison chart below (click to enlarge).

Left - right: 1/200, 1/144, 1/100, 1/60, 1/48

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.
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