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  • All products are intended for adult collectors age 15 above. May contain small parts and/or sharp points.
  • All new products are original & authentic from reputable distributors & suppliers.
    In the case of vintage, bootleg, or knock off loose and  used items, we would clearly state it on the product description or title.
  • All digital products are original from authorized distributors.
  • As with all mass produced products, actual items may vary in shape or color from the images depicted on their packagings.


Availability of items are indicated by the following statuses:
  • Out of Stock / Sold Out
    Item is not available.
  • Backorder
    Item is not in stock but may be backordered.
  • Backordered
    Item will be restocked in time.

All products do not carry factory product warranty. However, your purchase is covered with Money Back Guarantee. Please read the section below for details.


Our Money Back Guarantee applies to any of the following conditions:
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.
    If you are not satisfied with the received product, simply return it in same condition within 7 days for refund (excluding shipping cost). Please read our Return Policy for the details and qualifying terms.
  • Lost shipment.
    While it is unlikely for a package to get lost, if that's the case then we will provide full refund (excluding shipping cost) after thorough investigation.
  • Failed digital product activation or invalid key.
    Upon report of such inconvenience we will conduct investigation prior to providing full refund.
These are some conventions we use to describe items condition.
    Mint in box or mint on card or never removed from box. The packaging may not be sealed but never opened before, unless stated otherwise.
    Mint in sealed box or mint on sealed card. The packaging is factory sealed and unopened.
  • Case Fresh
    Product never removed from its factory protective sealed case.
  • Opened 
    The packaging has been opened before.
  • Loose 
    Item has no packaging.
    Opened and loose products are graded according to condition. Please also read about Item Grade Guide.

This guide is intended to describe box/card condition only and not the inside content.

  • C10 MINT
    Perfect, bright colors, clear plastics
  • C8-9 NEAR MINT
    Slightly noticeable ding, bright colors, clear plastics
  • C6-7 FINE
    Visible ding or crease
  • C4-5 GOOD
    Some ding or creases, small crack or fray, noticeable color wear
  • C2-3 POOR
    Fraying edges usually due to age or storage, cracks, or tears, yellow plastic bubble
    Large tears, cracks, creases.

This rating is intended to determine item's condition and quality, usually apply for loose or items without packaging. This rating does not include any factory mis-assemblies or design flaws.
  • A, 95 and above
    The item is new, mint or near mint condition, never been played with. No visible flaw of any kind, no paint or decal scratch.
  • B, 80 - 94
    Item is in great condition, has been briefly played with but still like new. There may be very slight paint scratches. There may be a slightly loose joint.
  • C, 65 - 79
    Item is in good condition, has been played often. There may be loose joints, visible paint or decal scratches due to play wear. But no cracks or broken parts.
  • D, 64 and below
    Item may still look good on display, but has one or more damaged or broken parts. For example: cracked or hardened rubber material, dysfunctional features (applies to electronic or non-electronic), etc.
  • * (Asterisk)
    Indicates additional minor defect such as cracks, broken part which are not fatal.
  1. You can make a purchase by either one of the following methods:
    - Submitting the Order Form, or
    - Sending your order via email or LINE.
  2. We will confirm the total amount plus shipping cost, along with payment details and reserve the available items for you.
  3. After receiving payment confirmation we will prepare the items to be shipped within 24 work hours (excluding holiday or weekends). Digital products will be delivered within 1-3 hours after confirmed payment.
    If no payment is made within 1x24 hours then the items will no longer be reserved. If no payment after 2 days the order will be cancelled.
Warning: Please do not submit an Order unless you intend to purchase. Unpaid or prank order will result in negative consequences detailed in Disclaimer section.

  1. To reserve an available item, a 20% deposit from the price is required. We will keep the item(s) for up to 7 days.
  2. After you have completed the remaining payment, we will process the order and ship the item(s) to you. Please note that reservations which exceeded time limit but not paid in full will be cancelled with prior notice, and the deposit forfeited.

We accept backorder for not-in-stock items.
  1. A minimal 20% deposit of the price amount for each item is required up front.
  2. We will contact you immediately when the item becomes available.
  3. You may then complete the remaining payment.
  4. After receiving payment confirmation, we will pack and ship the item to you.
  • Please note that prices may change depending on currency rates, unless you have chosen to pay full in advance.
  • Not-in-stock items may take 3 to 15 days to be available from our suppliers.
  • Backordered items which have become available must be paid in full within a week (7 days), otherwise it will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited. Please make arrangement with us if you are unable to complete the pre-order purchase within the week.


We accept bank transfer (BCA) for domestic payments. For international payments we accept Paypal or crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP). Please note Paypal payments incur additional fees (+4% of total purchase).
    All orders are immediately processed within 1 x 24 work hour upon receiving confirmed payment.


    Sorry we do not accept cash on delivery (COD) method.


    We use JNE, TIKI, or Wahana for domestic and EMS for overseas shippings. Shipping rates are calculated directly from shipping agency's websites.

    Your items will be packed and shipped within 24 work hours after receiving confirmed payment.
    We ship once a day from Monday to Saturday, except holidays. Please note the following shipping schedule:
    • Order completed before 12:00 WIB will be shipped out the same day.
    • Order completed after 12:00 WIB will be shipped out within next 24 work hours.
    For larger shipment, please allow more time as we need to carefully arrange the packaging in the safest manner. Rest assured that each shipment is made spill proof and sturdy so it may arrive safely at your destination.

    Digital products are delivered directly to your email address within 12 work hours after confirmed payment.


    Before returning the item(s), please understand the qualifying terms:
    • You can return your items within 7 days after having received them.
    • Items must be in the same condition when we shipped them.
    • Sealed (MISB/MOSC) items may only be returned unopened. 
    • This is not product warranty. We do not accept product exchanges.
    • Not eligible for international orders.
    • Not applicable for digital products.
    • We reserve the right to decline or partially refund if the above terms are not met.
    To request refund:
    1. Please notify us as early as possible within 7 days.
    2. Send the item(s) back to us. Our return address can be found on the package. 
    3. After we received and inspected the package, we will refund the money to you within 2 x 24 work hours, excluding shipping cost, if any.

    1. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    2. As with all mass produced items, there may be minor inconsistencies which we cannot detect without opening the case, such as small stain, freckle, spot, scratch, different print, etc. These are not considered defect. Also we do not provide product warranty and cannot be deemed liable if any of these is found on the new/sealed products.
    3. Buyers under age of 15 must be represented by adult parents or relatives to make purchases.
    4. Please provide complete and correct shipping address. We are not responsible for any delay or stray in shipping due to wrong address. We do however provide compensation if the cause is due to our own mistake.
    5. Lost shipment is very unlikely since each package is provided with tracking number, and larger shipment is automatically insured. However, after thorough investigation we will provide full refund if such unintended case should ever happen.
    6. Please be warned that any illegal or unethical acts or communications such as fraud payments, prank orders, price police, low-ball, multiple cancellations, etc. have negative consequences, not only to us but to genuine customers as well. We reserve the right to limit or deny service to anyone who perpetrate such abuse.
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